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Only a few clicks are necessary to immediatly start accepting virtual currencies.
We manage the whole communication with the different networks and wallets for your.
No knowledge about cryptocurrency needed.


Our watchdogs are crawling over the different blockchains and networks 24/7 in short intervals, to ensure you get notified and alerted as fast as possible about your incoming donations and tips.


We want to offer you a service, that is compatible with as many currencies as possible.
Our goal is to continously widen our variety of coins and tokens.


Analyse your income by month, sharing link or cryptocurrency with a collection of reports and diagrams.
The dashboard is live calculated, contains every received donation and is converted to an estimated fiat value.


You can customize your wallet pages with your own header image, profile picture, descriptive text and links to your social media.
This helps your audience to understand who you are, what you do and why you collect money.


This service is optimized for the use in livestreams.
Connect with Streamlabs or TipeeeStream to get additional in-stream alerts within your existing broadcast configuartion.
We also offer a nightmode.